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K1 Chamber

K1 Chamber LLP was established in May 2021, with the vision of becoming a cutting-edge law firm that could offer a truly premier service to respond to the new challenges of the COVID era in a timely, innovative and strategic way.

We have assembled an integrated team of highly regarded experts and industry leaders in our selected fields, covering a broad range of practices and sectors including financial services, IP/IT, pharmaceuticals, digital economy, corporate, commercial, real estate and global disputes.

Armed with the deep experience and expertise to tackle the most complex challenges and disputes facing our clients today, our partners take a hands-on approach working directly with clients to execute their requirements in a proactive, personal and efficient manner.


We are also supported by a number of industry experts in these fields, who work for us as senior advisors. This enables K1 to provide truly holistic, strategic and practical solutions for our clients, to deliver on our commitment to providing them with the highest level of service and optimal value. 


In addition to its own capabilities, K1 has strong working alliances with selected global and independent law firms across multiple jurisdictions and sectors, ensuring  we can provide the highest level of legal services across the world as one team. We are part of the Meritas international network of law firms, and our partners have held leading roles in the International Bar Association (IBA) and Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA).


K1 Chamber is committed to delivering its promise to be our client’s most trusted advisors, proactively identifying issues and creatively formulating strategic solutions through collaboration with a seamless team of experts both internally and externally. The result is a truly comprehensive, commercial and bespoke solution for each client.

Recruitment News

K1 Chamber has strengthened its capability in the insurance and financial sectors by recruiting attorneys Jong Ku Kang and Sang Man Kim.

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