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IT & Healthcare

K1 Chamber as a trusted advisor to technology and healthcare clients can provide professional legal and regulatory support based on a wide range of technological knowledge and industrial experience in the selected fields of IT, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medicine.

K1 Chamber protects client innovations in the field of information and communication technology. Attorneys in the IT team have extensive experience in software, wireless communication, artificial intelligence, fields of technology related to blockchain and fin-tech.


Start-up Consulting

K1 Chamber has abundant experience and know-how of the issues occurring over the lifecycle of a startup, from its establishment to operation, investment and exit (recovery of investment funds).

We provide services optimized for startups across all fields, from advisory services to litigation for dispute resolution.


Intellectual Property Rights

K1 Chamber’s IP attorneys have extensive experience of representing and advising domestic and foreign companies on their IP matters (such as patent registration and exploitation), as well as on unfair competition prevention issues such as licensing and trade secrets. 

In particular, our IP team conducts litigation, arbitration and mediation for overseas companies seeking to protect their IP rights in Korea, as well as for domestic companies looking to protect their IP rights abroad.


Digital Economy

Every business has been greatly influenced by the rapid evolution of technology - the move to cloud computing, digital commerce, and all the other developments that were unimaginable just a few years ago. K1 Chamber supports clients across all types of industries to adapt to and thrive in this digital age.

Our team aims to handle the need to support our clients in developing their digital strategies by identifying how they can achieve this from a legal perspective while maximising value and mitigating the threats and uncertainties. We provide practical, commercial and legal solutions to deal with business problems with a team of lawyers who understand business, digitalisation strategies and the legal issues by assembling specialists with insights into specific industries. 

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Jihn U. Rhi

Managing Partner


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Jong Jae Lee




Key Members

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